I'm typically not the girl to go on a juice cleanse. I've tried them in the past, and they made me feel pretty miserable. I love food too much and get so much fulfillment from my meals so I need to eat throughout the day. One of the best things about eating a plant based diet (on top of many other reasons 😉 ) is that it allows your body to naturally cleanse itself because these foods digest much faster than animal products. I've been drinking Splendid Spoon soups (chilled in the summer and warm in the colder months) with avocado toast on a brown rice cake or ezekiel toast with lemon and a little sea salt or I'll have a warm soup with a salad for dinner. I'm obsessed with Splendid Spoon's Plant Based Drinkables when I'm on the go because they are so easy to drink, just like a smoothie. Use for $20 off your first purchase with Splendid Spoon.