I've almost posted this pic about 10 times but was feeling so vulnerable sharing my least flattering body pic. But here it goes...the picture on the left was taken 7 days after my cesarean with B (yes, I still look pregnant and the hospital underwear don't help). The photo on the right is from a week ago. I've never openly shared my birth story before because I was once ashamed and embarrassed that I didn't have a natural birth like I had "planned".

I share this experience with you because it took me a while to not feel ashamed and embrace that this was the experience I needed to have. This process humbled me and taught me to let go of trying to control every situation. Because we can't. I look at my body before and after and am so proud of what it can do. I credit meditation, mindfully eating a plant based diet, movement and loving and excepting myself exactly the way I am to creating this transformation. There is nothing more powerful than being kind and gentle to yourself. Full birth story coming soon. 

I would love for you to send me your transformation photos as you incorporate these 3 M's (meditation, mindful eating and movement) into your lifestyle. I will be sharing your transformation stories on my page, just be sure to tag @melissawoodhealth and add #melissawoodhealth for my body transformation stories.