I had a minor fashion emergency this particular weekend. I ordered a killer dress for a NYC black tie wedding but had to return it for another size...which I then discovered was sold out. I panicked for a second - realizing I had nothing else to wear for this that I haven’t already rocked 3x’s (and, let’s face it, been documented on insta) Thankfully, I quickly checked myself because there are way more important things to worry about than a dress aaaand I live in New York where there are options on every corner. Moral of the story...don’t sweat the small stuff. As my husband always says, there is a solution for every problem.

A major go to during my pregnancy was Rent The Runway. They have an awesome store front right here in NYC so I brought B with me, chose a few looks with one of their in house stylists and was literally in and out of the door in 20 minutes with an amazing dress in hand. A (big) bonus? This gown was only $70 to rent! Not only did I save, but I am now obsessed with this designer and will definitely be wearing this cut again.

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