Infrared saunas are my absolute favorite way to sweat out toxins. The saunas at Higher Dose use chromotherapy lights to help balance the body’s energies. It is crazy how different I felt after this experience. I love to use this time to meditate for extra relaxation. One of the best parts about Higher Dose is that each sauna fits two people (or three for a quick pic), making this the perfect spot for our MWH team session. 

Benefits of infrared saunas: 

  • Anti- aging qualities 
  • Improves skin (sooooo much, goodbye acne) 
  • Increases circulation 
  • Lymphatic drainage for detoxification 
  • Helps reduce inflammation 
  • Boosts serotonin 
  • Aids in weight loss

Visit Higher Dose at 21 E. 1st Street New York, NY 10003

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