So many people ask about my haircare routine and how to get thick, healthy hair. I’ll let you in on a little secret-- my hair was NOT always in the shape it is now. I truly credit a plant based diet for giving me strong, beautiful hair. I loved sharing some of my hair secrets with Refinery29, read below or visit here for the full article. 

Melissa Wood has built a career as a successful model and health-and-wellness coach — and she believes that beauty, health, and wellness are intrinsically linked, especially when it comes to hair. "I cannot stress how important eating a healthy diet of mostly fruits and vegetables is for healthy hair," says Wood, who says she mostly eats plant-based foods. She recommends eating avocado, flax oil and powder, cucumbers, pumpkin seeds, and wild salmon for gorgeous, healthy hair. 
"Eating a clean diet keeps my hair healthier, stronger, and more beautiful than it’s ever been," she says — which helps her stay away from chemical hair products. "The wiser I get about the least amount of products with chemicals I put in my hair, the better it looks over time."

Hair Type: "I have a lot of fine hair. It's coarse and on the normal-to-oily side, with a natural wave."
The Daily 'Do: "My hair-care regimen is quite simple, actually. I believe that the fewer products and fuss you put into your hair, the better. I prefer to wash my hair in the evening, about an hour before bed, so it’s slightly damp when I fall asleep. My choice of shampoo and conditioner is a sensitive-skin line called Free & Clear, which is free of dyes, lanolin, fragrances, parabens, formaldehyde, and other preservatives. It’s also sulfate and gluten-free.
“After shampooing, I add a small amount of conditioner to the ends of my hair about two days a week. This regimen gives it a lot of natural volume, without overloading on products. I love to wear my hair very naturally, with a slight wave, so I use the Sultra Bombshell curling iron because it’s ceramic, and doesn’t fry or damage your hair like most. I go to Victoria van Bakergem at Warren-Tricomi for natural highlights and a gloss treatment twice a year."