I am a happy mom, certified health and wellness coach, meditator, yoga teacher, fitness professional and thriving on a plant-based diet. My life wasn’t always as pretty as it may seem right now. I struggled with never feeling enough, severe anxiety, painful cystic acne and an awful eating disorder. I was so insecure and unhappy with myself that I believe I actually created these issues. I internalized all of my feelings, allowing every emotion to build up inside of me and would turn to purging as some form of release. This was a deep, dark secret that not one person in my life knew about. Thinking about how great I became at hiding my pain still brings tears to my eyes today.  I finally got to a point where I could not take living a lie anymore. So one day I woke up and took the most challenging step - I asked for help.  

So many of you ask me about my turning point, and that was it. This is my advice to you: when you become so honest with yourself and get in touch with who you really are, that’s where the ultimate shift happens. I finally got real with myself and tapped into what truly mattered to me. I took a weekend and wrote down everything that made me feel alive. I realized what truly lights me up is taking really great care of myself and helping others do the same. This led me to finding IIN, The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I began working with Dr. Jeffery Morrison at The Morrison Center in NYC, first as an intern and later as his patients’ health coach. I developed such a love for coaching that I created my own practice. 

My goal in this work is to really help you live your truth and be your best possible self. There are three key elements that I consistently focus on: meditation, mindful eating and movement. I believe the balance of these three M's will shift your life in unimaginable ways. I’m here to guide you to leave behind notions of how you “should” be and become more compassionate towards yourself and everything you do. Take time to practice self-love and recognize that you have the ability to step into your power. Let go of negative self talk and your true self will come through. 

So much love,

Melissa Wood Tepperberg


Melissa Wood Health is a platform for sharing all of the wellness tips that I swear by - from food, fitness, beauty, fashion and overall lifestyle - it's all about creating your best self.